UPDATE: "President Donald Trump"..."Commander-in-Chief"...."ultimate authority over U.S. nuclear strike decisions"....etc. Does that alarm/distress the 'beejeezus' out of you??

...Someone sane (and in close proximity..possibly armed) better be watching that guy, 24/7.

...Some good news: From afar, we are. He needs adult supervision, and I'm up for providing a bit of that -- sort of -- right here (off-site link): https://aregularfakenewshound.tumblr.com/

2018 update: FWIW, I'm occasionally beatin'-on the unpopular 'loser' somehow elevated to the U.S. presidency, here. (I.e.,..'offering some critical commentary'..) Join me...https://donaldwontlast.blogspot.com/
1/3/18 update: This blog's general message, content (again) CONFIRMED:

"He's not only crazy, he's stupid". Source 1/3/18 article link. Update: The quotation specified is disputed (link).



...More seriously (for a moment)...Is there something wrong with Trump? Unaffiliated 1/3/18 article link: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2018/01/trump-cog-decline/548759/

10/30/17 update....(esp. for Trump trolls everywhere, awaiting new signals from the Kremlin:)

(Video:)"12-counts Manafort"... come on down:↓

YT video link. No copyright etc.

-> "Paul is a great asset and an important addition..." -- Donald Trump, 2016. (Source linked.)

->"...George Papadopoulos. He’s an oil and energy consultant. Excellent guy...." -- Donald Trump, 2016. (Source linked.)

(..New campaign song?)

YT video link. No copyright claimed or intended.

********************************************* (↓Previously posted:↓)

(YT video link. No copyright, ownership or affiliation. Temporarily left on autoplay.)

(Previously written:) 12/16 temporary post:

A suggested Donald Trump/GOP inaugural theme-song. (Ref.: The song's refrain..) No ownership or affiliation:

(YT video link)

12/16 comment: Yeah..↑this (above) ↑is no longer a "joke" (...it wasn't before the "election", either...). If bipartisan leaders and national intelligence agencies conclude Russia (or anyone) meddled with the U.S. election to the advantage of one candidate; re-do the election. Especially if that one candidate or his campaign was somehow involved.

Or, at least demand that the nation's electors do their job(s) as designed, and provide them with the necessary information to do so.

....If the U.S then -- unbelievably -- (re-)installs the Putin puppet -- this 'ain't' America anymore!


(Previously written:)

11/24/16 update: "Precedent Hillary":

The popular vote winner for president should request a recount. Why? In addition to earning the overall vote lead (...that would constitute "legitimacy"..), requesting a recount may help hold "mandate"-claiming Republicans (somewhat) in check.

Perhaps more importantly, there has been evidence of outside interference during the campaign.

...National votes should be routinely audited -- at least going forward. Set a precedent for modern elections/vote-tallying.

(Previously written:)11/9/16 commentary: Additional, updated commentary is further below. FWIW: It's little consolation (for many), but Hillary (probably) has narrowly significantly won the U.S. popular vote.....So hate and bigotry did not win-out at least with the national vote for president...Update: ((Go ahead and) 'Spin' that fact or attack it with disinformation (e.g., fake facts) any way desired (..I guess). The 'bottom line' (for many) is that the popular-vote clear loser is being elevated into power. Potentially marginalizing a majority of voters -- particularly if a 'mandate' is (also being) claimed.)

(Update: Excerpt of Sen. Harry Reid's 11/11/16 remarks re Trump's 'winning':)
“...If this is going to be a time of healing, we must first put the responsibility for healing where it belongs: at the feet of Donald Trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate..... “Winning the electoral college does not absolve Trump of the grave sins he committed against millions of Americans. Donald Trump may not possess the capacity to assuage those fears, but he owes it to this nation to try....”

(Link to source.)

11/17/16: Off-site link to a worthy article. No affiliation, new window opens: http://time.com/4575119/electoral-college-demagogues/?

Another one: http://www.courant.com/opinion/op-ed/hc-op-harris-trumps-election-bigotry-1117-20161116-column.html

Final comments here (blog is no longer being updated -- it's time to move forward. Remember: 'Question authority'..): Credit to Michael Moore for correctly gauging the "industrial heartland" vote. Blogger alter-ego 'Vere Askey' also had some hazy idea (link) (in March) about what could happen (in general)..

(11/14/16 post-election:) ↓ooohh...You were 'mad'!↓(..In more ways than one.) And scared. You know; much like a petulant, unlearned child is, of some form of change in their life.
You refuse(d) to take a hard look in the mirror first -- at yourself, i.e.; for the source of some of your problems.... ..
So now: What's the (realistic) plan?
Really. We're starting 2017...not 1957. What's the plan?
(..And: 'Who ya gonna call'? (off-site article link))

(YT video link. No ownership/affiliation.)

(↑No affiliation)
(Commentary:) 11/9/16: OK. It's gloomy here, but I believe that the sun will still rise in the east today. The world still seems to be turning -- at least for now. Those in my life still love me, need ears scratched and tummies, or something rubbed, and all that.

Obviously, I was wrong with my projection below. A lot of people -- smart people -- were wrong.

(FWIW, industrial Midwest states tripped us up here. ..Where steel mills etc. have been losing out to (global) competition for nearly 50 years; it hasn't been a secret. (I'm long-familiar with the area and its industries). I have no idea how Donald Trump is going to significantly reverse all that, without busting the U.S budget wide open, adversely isolating the U.S. economy from the world, "manufacturing" large numbers of old-time high-paying jobs out of thin air (in an era of increasing automation), etc. etc...One possibility: A large infrastructure repair/modernization/upgrade project involving the entire nation. Something Democrats have at times advocated -- only to be blocked by obstructionist Republicans..BTW: Credit to Michael Moore (off-site article link) for correctly gauging dissent and frustration in America's industrial heartland..)

A lot of us are dismayed, worried, angry -- you name it -- right now...It does matter who is elected to the U.S. presidency.
One thing that is crystal-clear is that the U.S. is a deeply divided nation. (The other is that many prominent public polls apparently were unable to accurately gauge the U.S. electorate..)

It's difficult to imagine, but maybe Donald Trump somehow will turn out basically OK as president. The entire nation -- and world -- needs to start praying for that, and doing whatever we can to better ensure it. Some important checks and balances still exist in our system of government -- I hope. We're going to need plenty of strong and smart people to watch President-elect Trump, and to stand up to him as needed.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of the upcoming Trump University fraud case. ..What becomes of the numbers of women accusing President-Elect Trump of sexual misconduct. ..What becomes of the ridiculous, expensive wall blocking all of Mexico. ...When/if world markets will recover. ...What influence over the U.S. 'admirable' Vladimir Putin will now have...What happens to U.S. efforts to mitigate burgeoning climate change. On and on..

Great forces and powers of existence: If appeal is possible, please do not forsake our country any further.


Off-site link to an article (11/8/16) from someone more eloquent (etc.) than I am: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/projects/cp/opinion/election-night-2016/the-unknown-country
(Previously posted:)11/7/16: ↓This tiny blog's presidential election prediction ('worst case'):

The created electoral map below -- based upon personal analysis of various national polls, recent trends, pertinent news stories, etc -- represents what I believe would be close to a WORST (but winning) case for Hillary Clinton.
...I.e., she loses "battlegrounds" Ohio, North Carolina and Florida -- and also Nevada. (Insert: My own guess? She does not lose all four of those..)

(Continuing:) Note that Clinton still manages to slightly exceed the 270 electoral votes required to prevail. (This scenario also assumes that 3 of Maine's 4 "split" electoral votes go to Clinton.) Also note that this analysis assumes a fair election, with no effective outside interference and no significant vote-related "shenanigans" by Trump fanatics...:

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

Please be sure to VOTE.
(Previously posted:) 2016 national election: "Both are unpopular. Only one is a threat." (Off-site 7/16 opinion article, new window opens. No affiliation:) https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/both-are-unpopular-only-one-is-a-threat/2016/07/10/4d78dce8-4529-11e6-bc99-7d269f8719b1_story.html

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Updated: Presidential candidate Donald Trump's upcoming dates with the law

(Commentary. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law:)

11/3/16 update: Re the 'case' about an alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl, mentioned further below. Two recent articles are linked and reposted here. New windows open, no affiliation. 

11/5/16 update: The 'rape' (civil) lawsuit ref. below has reportedly been dropped. No reason(s) provided at this point. An off-site article link, new window opens:




(Previously written text. Commentary:) 

...A quick pre-election "guide": Paragon-of-virtue, shining knight, Republican hero Donald Trump currently faces (at least) two upcoming court-related hearings or sessions:
One for allegedly "raping" a 13-year-old girl (at the time).
The other, the (first) Trump University fraud trial, currently scheduled to start on November 28:
(Related off-site source article links, new window opens:)


Updated link, 11/1/16 article. No affiliation: http://www.npr.org/2016/11/01/500207564/trump-pushes-health-care-clinton-scandals-despite-his-own-looming-court-dates


...Always prepared for events leading up to Inauguration Day, here: 
Who's really "crooked", Donald...? Getting appropriate, fitting "presidential" (inauguration) outfits -- and other necessary accouterments -- ↓ready in advance here....
You know; just in case:
(Non-commercial use, all images. No affiliation:)

P.S. The GOP candidate for the Oval Office and possible possessor of nuclear launch codes is thoroughly familiar with/experienced about the whole "legal troubles" 'routine':

(Off-site article links, no affiliation:)



11/3/16: With 'wildcard' Trump, the nation (- incredibly -) may be inching closer to a historic election blunder

(Temporary post. Commentary:)

Excerpt selected from an 11/3/16 news story is reproduced below. Edited. Off-site link to the source/full article. No ownership/affiliation....
(Brief prefacing comment:)...The sane candidate for the presidency -- who also speaks with her brain engaged -- is just touching upon the 'tip of the iceberg', below. (E.g., Ref. two other article links, located near the bottom here.): 

(Story excerpt:)...Imagine it is January 20, 2017,” Clinton urged supporters gathered at Arizona State University in Tempe Wednesday. “And imagine if it’s Donald Trump standing in front of the Capitol.”
She’s reminding voters of the more controversial things he’s said about specific groups of Americans.
“Imagine he is taking the oath of office,” she said. “And then imagine what it will be like to have him in the Oval Office making the decisions that affect your lives and your futures. Imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults Latinos, African Americans Muslims, POWs, who pits people against each other instead of pulling us together.”
A Trump presidency, she argues, would be a setback for women and girls..... She invoked Carly Fiorina, one of Trump’s Republican primary opponents, in her portrayal of him as a dangerous example for American children.
“Just think about what happens if he were to win to women and girls,” Clinton said. “It would mean that our girls would grow up with a president who proudly and loudly ranks women by their looks including the only woman running in the Republican primary.....

It's difficult to determine how effectively various polls are capturing the electorate's preferences this year...
...But the current appearance (11/3/16) is that the race for president is -- worryingly -- 'tightening'.
One off-site source article, no affiliation or endorsement: http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/election-update-why-clintons-position-is-worse-than-obamas/

"153 things Donald Trump has said and done that, in a normal election, would disqualify a nominee:"
>>>Off-site article link, new window opens, no affiliation:

...Oh BTW, investors....Which, one way or another, would be many of us... Something to ponder? (Quickly?)Unaffiliated, 11/2/16 opinion article, new window opens:


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

(Non-media) conspiracy? 370 economists warn voters of 'dangerous' Trump

(11/1/16 commentary. Temporary re-post.)

Copy of one page (below) from a ten-page letter.↓ Top economists denounce the Republican "standard-bearer":
 "...Donald Trump is a dangerous, destructive choice for the country. He misinforms the electorate, degrades trust in public institutions with conspiracy theories, and promotes willful delusion over engagement with reality...."

 (Screen-captured image. Linked to the entire source document. No affiliation:)

Monday, October 31, 2016

Reposted 10/31/16 article: Trump org.'s unusual server

(Temporary repost. Commentary:)
Per the following unaffiliated 10/31/16 article, computer scientist-sleuths may have discovered odd Internet communication between a Trump org. server and a Russian bank. Off-site link, new window opens:

(Non-commercial use of image)

Wow: Hillary campaign 'goes nuclear' with Trump. ...As warranted:

10/31/16 repost. Commentary. No direct (or indirect, really) affiliation with the video advert. embedded below.
Your Halloween 'scare':...For any who may be paying attention: As previously referenced here in this tiny blog (link) and at least one other posting elsewhere, the 'Daisy" nuclear ad of 1964 has been resurrected. ...And updated. (Language warning:)

(YT video link)

("Heads-up" (ref. above) was provided via this unaffiliated, published news article (10/31/16):
(link)  http://time.com/4551744/hillary-clinton-daisy-girl-donald-trump-ad/?)

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

(YT video link)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hurrah for Harry Reid:

(10/30/16 temporary post. Commentary.)
FBI: Russia? да! ..Hillary? Under da bus...:
Screen capture↓, partial copy, linked to source. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid wrote it. No affiliation. Note: Unable to independently verify the claims in this letter.....at this point.
Update: Whether Mr. Reid's assertions can immediately be substantiated or not, someone with a degree of 'insider' knowledge -- and possessing authority -- needs to "push back" against the FBI director's 'rouge', public disclosure:

(Link to complete letter)

11/2/16 update: After investigation Trump, the FBI reportedly has found "no clear link" with (or to) Russia....
1) Let's see....who might I believe more: a) Donald Trump. b) The selective-disclosures-at-election-time FBI director, or, c) Harry Reid....?
2) As the FBI is apparently now in the public disclosure "business", why not publicly reveal all of the results of the Trump-Russia investigation?

Friday, October 28, 2016

The evil deceit of weaselly candidate (+ alleged groper-in-chief) Donald Trump.

(10/28/16 temporary post. Commentary:)

Ref. the following 10/28/16 news article. ....Even his own running mate -- no shining beacon of truth himself -- reportedly rejects voter suppression tactics:

Off-site story link, new window opens. No affiliation:

10/28/16 update: "Just say..anything (incendiary)" (i.e.,...to stay in the 'news'...): 
Ref.: The unaffiliated video embedded below. Is this lunatic "trying to lose.."??...Even stranger: The others mindlessly applauding (this statement):

Also: ...Apparently "Hillary's campaign" is "able" to "find" women groped by Donald Trump from all around the world: Off-site news article link, new window opens, no affiliation:
(Note: "PG-13-ish"; below↓....)




Thursday, October 27, 2016

The writing's on the wall, Donald ...and fanatics:

(Temporary 10/27/16 post. Commentary. 11/3/16 update: Apparently "thanks" largely to the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's strange meddling.last week....now that writing is being erased:)

(Previously written:)

...It's been that way for awhile now...
(Ref. reprinted chart below:) Barring a last-minute, absolute reversal of fortunes (and (assuming) electoral projections).... Or an unprecedented polling/analysis "miss":
(Screen-captured, edited image, linked to source article. No ownership or affiliation:)


Yeah...but it's all "rigged". And/or it's all a "conspiracy"..ALL of it.
...All against YOU; and poor, obscure, powerless victim Donald Trump....:

(YT video link. No affiliation...↑Dude (hosting video) gets a little wound-up, but he makes some points.)

(FWIW, tiny blogger tiny disclosure: I provide certain election forecasts (as part of a group) for an organization that collaborates with one of the media/forecasting entities listed in the reproduced excerpt, above.)

Trump's "poll watchers": Another low from the 'The Party of Fear and Hate' leader

(Temporary post. Commentary:)

Screen captured image.↓ Edited. No affiliation. No link:

So many things wrong with the above (yeah; it's been posted there for awhile...), including placement of the false, incendiary "call-out" for poll intimidators.... in front of the United States flag. (Hint: It is the antithesis of what the nation is founded upon.)

Straight demagoguery.↓ Poorly (or erroneously) substantiated. Fact-optional. (...Hate and lies added...):

(YT video link. No ownership/affiliation.)

Screen captured, edited image↓ is a link to an independent analysis article. No affiliation here:

Another: Screen-captured, truncated image↓ is a link to the associated article. No ownership or affiliation:


...At least one group is attempting to fight back and stand up to desperate intimidation tactics of a demagogue. Off-site 10/27/16 news article link, new window opens, no affiliation:

Facts. Those pesky facts: Reposted excerpt↓ from a 10/12/16 Wall Street Journal article by Joe Palazzolo, "So You Want to be a Trump Poll Watcher".  No affiliation or ownership:
 "Donald Trump’s campaign has been recruiting poll watchers at rallies and on social media. The Republican presidential nominee has warned of potential voter fraud since at least the summer and with increasing frequency in recent days, telling crowds on Monday in Pennsylvania that the election could be “stolen from us.”
Evidence of the type of election fraud Mr. Trump seems to be worried about—unqualified people impersonating voters—is scant, as The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, but his calls for vigilance may nevertheless lead some supporters to polling places for reasons other than their own vote.
With that in mind, we asked Sara Rose, a staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania, to explain the laws that regulate poll watching in her state, a key battleground where Mr. Trump has warned of vote rigging.
Mr. Trump’s calls for volunteers notwithstanding, very few people are allowed inside a polling place if they aren’t there to cast a ballot...."

...What the hell is next from the anointed Republican "standard-bearer"....?

... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sturmabteilung...?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ten Trump sexual misconduct accusers: 'Where there's smoke there's fire'?

(10/20/16 temporary post. Commentary.)

Time -- and possible litigation -- perhaps will tell, about the growing Trump scandals....

Ten Eleven harassment/misconduct accusers??  Even if somehow only (about) half of the women are publicly stating a real and true story.... Or, "only" a third....? That's still (far) too many. (At least one of the women reportedly offers corroboration (off-site link).)
The accused, and some of his supporters, are now doing what all (alleged) gropers, abusers, rapists, cat-callers, sex-fiends -- and their excuse-makers do. (When called-out.): They're blaming/disparaging the (alleged) victim(s). Or anyone else they can dream-up...

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

(Pertinent, 10/20/16 unaffiliated news article. new window opens:

P.S. National Republicans: Publicly renounce this nominee. Not doing so is (at least) tacit support for his actions and words.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Essential prerequisite for the modern presidency: Is the candidate balanced, rational, stable

(10/9/16 temporary post. Commentary:)

(Oh BTW: ...and are they a serious person (generally) versus a ridiculous clown/alleged groper....)

I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist and neither are most Americans.
Still; just use a little basic judgement and intuition about the apparent mental make-up of the current presidential candidates -- one in particular:

(....A tiny sampling. Unaffiliated sources linked. New windows open.)




(YT video link)

(YT video link)

(YT video link)

(YT video link)

(YT video link)

(YT video link)

(YT video link. Language.content caution.)

Free trade is terrible. Free trade can be wonderful if you have smart people. But we have stupid people...

....and on and on....and on.

(YT video link)

(YT video link)


But... but.....we've already suffered through much of this before....
↓A peer↓:

(YT video link)

(The last word....(pls. watch all the way through):)

(YT video link)

Friday, October 7, 2016

It's not complicated. Continuing to support candidate Donald Trump equals supporting, accepting or condoning the following:

(10/7/16 temporary post. Commentary:)

...Just a brief, partial listing is further below (in the post).....
(Quick comment:) Trump's continuing, party-supported campaign for president is proof (that) there is no honest, courageous leadership within the national Republican party. If there were, this offensive clown would be effectively forced to drop out.
...(Once-again) "condemning" his statements/actions without also (immediately) demanding the end of his ridiculous candidacy.... = next-to-nothing.
10/8/16 update: Apparently it is "too late" to replace Donald Trump on the ballot.
The (slightly-)"honorable" thing to do would be (for Trump) to drop out......and for Republican "leaders" to rescind their ill-considered endorsements.

Another 10/8/16 update: ↓Reportedly↓.....there's even more.
....As Hillary has said (video below, different source), we don't know where the bottom is with the vulgarian.
Off-site news article link, new window opens:


(YT video link)

(Off-site article links, new windows open. No affiliation.)



(YT video link)

(YT video link)

(YT video link)


P.S. These 'guys' get it (re Trump)....unfortunately (off-site link, no affiliation):

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"We need an adult in the White House..."

(9/28/16 temporary post. Commentary. No affiliation with source of video below.)

(YT video link)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Après-first debate: If it's somehow not crystal-clear which candidate is qualified/prepared to be president....Suggested (edited) pictures for you:

(9/26/16 commentary. Edited, cropped screen-captured images. No ownership of any original images:)

(Link to original image source. No affiliation.)


(Link to original image sources: http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/26/politics/presidential-debate-hillary-clinton-donald-trump/, and

BTW: "Buffoon-watch:Donald Trump..." performed its duty and applied pre-tested, finely-calibrated metering to the various Trump "answers"↓:

...One of a number of examples: Off-site 9/26/16 article link, new window opens. No affiliation:

".....zero (taxes) for troops, zero for vets, zero for schools...."

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

More: ↓What the hell was this made-up s**t??↓
"Donny the Cornered, Loud-Mouth Bully" gets (even more) unhinged:

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

P.S. (Suggestion:) Watch for Trump/GOP deceptions,"dirty tricks", etc. ahead. They certainly understand at this point that they cannot win --- at least on candidate qualifications, ability, knowledge, preparedness, etc.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A little music to go with the latest Trump scandal...

(9/20/16 temporary (re-)post. Commentary.)

258,000 more reasons to question "brazen" Donald Trump:

(Once again,) David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post (- no affiliation here, duh -) has something for discerning voters like you to read. Off-site 9/20/16 article link, new window opens:
(..A bit more (off-site story link, new window): http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/trump-258k-charity-settle-suits-businesses-article-1.2799475)

FWIW,  perhaps a little older music to read about various Trump scandals by..?
No affiliation, no copyright claimed or intended:

(YT video link)

P.S. Reminder...This big one (i.e., scandal)↓ should be playing out, but we (likely) have to wait until later November ....(despite team Trump's best efforts to derail things):

(Cropped, screen-captured image, no link. No affiliation.)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Every voter for U.S president should watch this story:


(Ref. unaffiliated video below:) ...Especially those who may believe that nuclear tensions (rivalries) associated with the 'Cold War' greatly diminished with the fall of the Berlin Wall, dissolution of the Soviet Union, etc..
As is likely an intended message below, the character, temperament, knowledge and experience of the individual elected president of the United States... are critical.
I.e., ↓"it 'ain't' some joke"↓

(Reposted video preview of story published 9/18/16. No affiliation. Note: The two-minute video below is only a preview of the full '60 Minutes' story. 
...Here is an off-site link to the full video and transcript. Worth viewing:

 (YT video link. No ownership or affiliation.)

(Additional commentary.↓ Video may be disturbing for some:)

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

Friday, September 16, 2016

The top con-man: 'Birther' Trump plays the world. Again.

(9/16/16 commentary. Temporary post:)

The ridiculous "conclusion" to the Obama 'birther' racist crusade, promoted and perpetuated by one Mr./'Comrade' Donald Trump:

...All anyone -- who somehow cares at this point -- needs to know about the long-debunked conspiracy (slander) "retreatare the boldface sentences in the "news story" excerpt, below. Off-site link to unaffiliated source. Emphases added.):

"...TRUMP: So we will have a big statement and I hope you are going to be watching
BARTIROMO: I'm definitely going to be watching, but the bottom line is this: we know that Obama now, he was born in America, correct? 
TRUMP: You watch my statement. We have to keep the suspense going. You my friends, you watch the statement. I think you'll be happy..."

Of course the whole "Hillary started it" aspect (ref. Trump's 9/16 'announcement') is both the main message (to be) promoted by Trump's "suspenseful" "big statement", and another debunked LIE. Off-site article link, new window opens: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2015/sep/23/donald-trump/hillary-clinton-obama-birther-fact-check/

Trump wins. Again: This promoted, fake, non-story -- at least for those who have understood the facts for years -- is now being reported by media all over the world. (Ref. links below.)
That was (and is) Trump's goal. He doesn't - and many of his supporters also don't - care about bothersome facts. It's all about the phony show (and its promotion), instead....E.g. (a/k/a 'Trump (fantasy) nirvana'):

(YT video link. No ownership/affiliation.)

Likely as per plan, today's "Trumped-up" birther-recant "story" is now being -- more-or-less -- dutifully reported upon everywhere (yes; even here). A few linked examples, from major news outlets:




Update/insert: There is this though↓. Good question...hope to hear a real answer (not holding my breath...(No affiliation with the author.)):

(Continuing:) ...Even President Obama got "roped-into" commenting on the 'birther-recant' charade... but his answer was appropriately on-target. Unaffiliated source story of excerpt below is linked. )
"“Well, I’m not that shocked actually. It’s fairly typical. We got other things to attend to,” Obama said. “I was pretty confident about where I was born. I think most people were as well. My hope would be the presidential elect, election reflects more serious issues than that.”"

Suggestion: If any somehow can't see it developing:...(One way or another,) Trump is likely (at times, as best he can...) "pivoting" (as some say), to try and broaden his appeal.
Exaggeration: It's not totally dissimilar to what occurs in a favorite Trump entertainment source; the fake-rasslin' WWE. ....You know; when a "heavy" -- i.e., a vivid (scripted) "bad guy" suddenly turns "good". (Base, acted-out violence portrayed below.):

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Repost: Many Americans are prospering during Obama presidency

(Temporary post. Commentary:) 

...Running a bit with Donald Trump's "many people are saying", but with some actual substance behind it: What follows is another reality-check, prevailing to the contrary to 'The GOP Fear and Hate' ticket's propaganda:

Excerpted here are the first few sentences from the following 9/1/16 article. Source is linked. No affiliation:
"Donald Trump may have risen to the top of the Republican Party with scaremongering tactics and the promise to "Make America Great Again," but that doesn't mean most Americans share the GOP nominee's dystopian view that the country is in desperate shape. According to a new Gallup poll released this week that measures the well-being of Americans, most people across all racial and ethnic groups actually believe the opposite: They say their lives have largely improved under President Barack Obama.
"The percentage of US whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians who are thriving have all increased during the Obama era," Gallup reported..."

Here's an off-site link to the poll cited above: http://www.gallup.com/poll/194816/americans-life-evaluations-improve-during-obama-era.aspx?

Another credible-source article covering this topic of interest: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/08/us/life-got-better-under-obama-according-to-gallup.html

Another source: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/americans-are-thriving-in-record-numbers-poll-shows-thanks-obama-2016-09-01

Somewhat pertinent (off-site article link, new window):

...As this blog has said repeatedly (for its three readers - thanks), before any go a-blamin' Obama, or the "gub-ment", other ethnic groups or races, or anyone else for their (own) problems/lack of success: be sure to start by looking in the mirror, first:

(YT video link. No ownership/affiliation.)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Deplorable Comrade Trump ...and some of his dupes (updated)

(Commentary. Temporary post.)

Yes: Hillary tells it like it is. (....Didn't hide it either, she knew she would be quoted..UPDATE: Sen. Clinton has now apologized, at least for the "half of..." aspect; which is the right thing to do...Unfortunately, many of us know that name-caller-in-chief Donald Trump would not -- and does not -- apologize. Ref. his long-running catalog of 'nasty' (or worse) remarks (link).)

...Excerpt from 9/10/16 unaffiliated news story follows. Off-site link to source. Emphasis added:

"...At a fund-raiser on Friday night in Manhattan, Mrs. Clinton strongly criticized Mr. Trump, as well as his supporters.

“I know there are only 60 days left to make our case — and don’t get complacent, don’t see the latest outrageous, offensive, inappropriate comment and think, ‘Well, he’s done this time,’” she said at the event, which featured Barbra Streisand. “We are living in a volatile political environment. You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it. And, unfortunately, there are people like that....'”
9/10/16 ridiculousness update: So ridiculous; the name-calling etc. (still at the fore) at this point in the national election. Serious issues require address and discussion by both candidates, in detail....

 ...Nonetheless, since we're currently into this latest silly 'flap'.... in 'attention-span-of-a-gnat nation':

...Still waiting for the Trump apology for this↓ (video clip below, vulgar language):

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

....Still waiting for the Trump apology for this↓:

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

...Still waiting for the Trump apologies ref. a few of the videos included further below.....
Etc. etc. etc.

(Continuing, previously written text↓:)

Start by taking a look in the mirror: A few fairly pertinent article links for consideration (ref. some Trump supporters).
 Plus yet more (ref. NYT video below) from the 'name-call your opponent exactly what you actually are (..or would do) "playbook"'...New windows open, no affiliation:




Update/insert: A published example, Trump-supporter bigotry, hate, etc. Off-site article link, new window opens, no affiliation:

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

(No affiliation with source)

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

(YT video link. No affiliation.)



(YT video link. No ownership or affiliation.)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Re 'Vova' Putin's agent Donald Trump: Is constantly vilifying President Obama a victorious "strategy" (..for messing with the U.S. election)?

Temporary post. Commentary:

(Ref.: Recent news article discussing Donald Trump's 'affection' for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Off-site link, new window opens, no affiliation:
(Another major news source 9/9/16 article, Off-site link, new window opens:  http://time.com/4485162/donald-trump-doubles-down-on-russia/?)

('Vova' is reportedly a nickname sometimes used for Vladimir Putin...)

We generally expect a great deal of our presidents and their administrations....
It is not a perfect record that's analyzed below. But it (i.e., a U.S. president's 'record') never, ever is... or can be. Overall, what's presented is a strong show of positive outcomes and trends.
(BTW: This has also been written about elsewhere (link to follow when I locate it...Here is one (off-site article link, no affiliation:) http://www.businessinsider.com/obama-approval-rating-trump-hillary-2016-8)
...For those who care about/pay attention to actual facts.....
Edited image below is linked to the source article,which has much more information, and is worth considering. No affiliation:

(Continued. Link to the complete source article, new window opens)

...BTW. Approval rating: (off-site 8/16 article link): http://www.businessinsider.com/obama-approval-rating-trump-hillary-2016-8

...BTW. More Americans are "thriving". Off-site 9/1/16 article link, new window opens: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/americans-are-thriving-in-record-numbers-poll-shows-thanks-obama-2016-09-01

P.S. ...Apparently not alone (here) about the "irrational hostility" toward Obama... Off-site 9/9/16 news article link, no affiliation: 


(Screen-captured image. Linked to source.)

And now, some words from your prospective Commander-in-Chief:

(YT video link. No ownership/affiliation.)

...9/7/16 news article link. New window opens, no affiliation: http://time.com/4483354/donald-trump-military-sexual-assault-forum/?

(P.S. BTW: Mr. Trump's "totally against the Iraq war" "forum" statement to Matt Lauer.... was YET ANOTHER unabashed LIE. Off-site news article link, no affiliation:


(YT video link. No affiliation.)

Transparent GOP/Trump playbook: Accuse your opponent of exactly what you are/would do

(Temporary post. Commentary:)

Here is a 9/7/16 news article link. new window opens. No affiliation:

...And here↓ is a perceptive, un-duped reader's comment, reproduced. 
No affiliation. Source is linked via image:

Thursday, September 1, 2016

"We will build my great wallet"

(Commentary. Temporary post.)

Reposted video. No affiliation.

(Rhetorical: ...Why is this music/video↓ recalled when viewing Trump "rallies"...? (Contains difficult-to-watch images.))

(YT video link. No ownership or affiliation.)

(Continuing:)...As noted here and elsewhere many times: Mr. Trump never provides realistic specifics of HOW he --- and he alone, apparently  -- plans to fulfill and implement his outlandish promises. (Such as "the wall". Ref. article links below. Please follow all off-site links at your own discretion...)



Good news!...But at least the strange-haired one and his companies (and his kids) reportedly are making some money off of the sham-campaign.
Off-site story links, new windows open, no affiliation:




Sunday, August 28, 2016

Repost: The 'Trump effect' upon children?

(Temporary post. Commentary:) 

Off-site 8/26/16 article link, new window opens. No affiliation:


Screen captured, cropped image↓, linked to source. No affiliation:

(Non-commercial use)