UPDATE: "President Donald Trump"..."Commander-in-Chief"...."ultimate authority over U.S. nuclear strike decisions"....etc. Does that alarm/distress the 'beejeezus' out of you??

...Someone sane (and in close proximity..possibly armed) better be watching that guy, 24/7.

...Some good news: From afar, we are. He needs adult supervision, and I'm up for providing a bit of that -- sort of -- right here (off-site link): https://aregularfakenewshound.tumblr.com/

2018 update: FWIW, I'm occasionally beatin'-on the unpopular 'loser' somehow elevated to the U.S. presidency, here. (I.e.,..'offering some critical commentary'..) Join me...https://donaldwontlast.blogspot.com/
1/3/18 update: This blog's general message, content (again) CONFIRMED:

"He's not only crazy, he's stupid". Source 1/3/18 article link. Update: The quotation specified is disputed (link).



...More seriously (for a moment)...Is there something wrong with Trump? Unaffiliated 1/3/18 article link: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2018/01/trump-cog-decline/548759/

10/30/17 update....(esp. for Trump trolls everywhere, awaiting new signals from the Kremlin:)

(Video:)"12-counts Manafort"... come on down:↓

YT video link. No copyright etc.

-> "Paul is a great asset and an important addition..." -- Donald Trump, 2016. (Source linked.)

->"...George Papadopoulos. He’s an oil and energy consultant. Excellent guy...." -- Donald Trump, 2016. (Source linked.)

(..New campaign song?)

YT video link. No copyright claimed or intended.

********************************************* (↓Previously posted:↓)

(YT video link. No copyright, ownership or affiliation. Temporarily left on autoplay.)

(Previously written:) 12/16 temporary post:

A suggested Donald Trump/GOP inaugural theme-song. (Ref.: The song's refrain..) No ownership or affiliation:

(YT video link)

12/16 comment: Yeah..↑this (above) ↑is no longer a "joke" (...it wasn't before the "election", either...). If bipartisan leaders and national intelligence agencies conclude Russia (or anyone) meddled with the U.S. election to the advantage of one candidate; re-do the election. Especially if that one candidate or his campaign was somehow involved.

Or, at least demand that the nation's electors do their job(s) as designed, and provide them with the necessary information to do so.

....If the U.S then -- unbelievably -- (re-)installs the Putin puppet -- this 'ain't' America anymore!


(Previously written:)

11/24/16 update: "Precedent Hillary":

The popular vote winner for president should request a recount. Why? In addition to earning the overall vote lead (...that would constitute "legitimacy"..), requesting a recount may help hold "mandate"-claiming Republicans (somewhat) in check.

Perhaps more importantly, there has been evidence of outside interference during the campaign.

...National votes should be routinely audited -- at least going forward. Set a precedent for modern elections/vote-tallying.

(Previously written:)11/9/16 commentary: Additional, updated commentary is further below. FWIW: It's little consolation (for many), but Hillary (probably) has narrowly significantly won the U.S. popular vote.....So hate and bigotry did not win-out at least with the national vote for president...Update: ((Go ahead and) 'Spin' that fact or attack it with disinformation (e.g., fake facts) any way desired (..I guess). The 'bottom line' (for many) is that the popular-vote clear loser is being elevated into power. Potentially marginalizing a majority of voters -- particularly if a 'mandate' is (also being) claimed.)

(Update: Excerpt of Sen. Harry Reid's 11/11/16 remarks re Trump's 'winning':)
“...If this is going to be a time of healing, we must first put the responsibility for healing where it belongs: at the feet of Donald Trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate..... “Winning the electoral college does not absolve Trump of the grave sins he committed against millions of Americans. Donald Trump may not possess the capacity to assuage those fears, but he owes it to this nation to try....”

(Link to source.)

11/17/16: Off-site link to a worthy article. No affiliation, new window opens: http://time.com/4575119/electoral-college-demagogues/?

Another one: http://www.courant.com/opinion/op-ed/hc-op-harris-trumps-election-bigotry-1117-20161116-column.html

Final comments here (blog is no longer being updated -- it's time to move forward. Remember: 'Question authority'..): Credit to Michael Moore for correctly gauging the "industrial heartland" vote. Blogger alter-ego 'Vere Askey' also had some hazy idea (link) (in March) about what could happen (in general)..

(11/14/16 post-election:) ↓ooohh...You were 'mad'!↓(..In more ways than one.) And scared. You know; much like a petulant, unlearned child is, of some form of change in their life.
You refuse(d) to take a hard look in the mirror first -- at yourself, i.e.; for the source of some of your problems.... ..
So now: What's the (realistic) plan?
Really. We're starting 2017...not 1957. What's the plan?
(..And: 'Who ya gonna call'? (off-site article link))

(YT video link. No ownership/affiliation.)

(↑No affiliation)
(Commentary:) 11/9/16: OK. It's gloomy here, but I believe that the sun will still rise in the east today. The world still seems to be turning -- at least for now. Those in my life still love me, need ears scratched and tummies, or something rubbed, and all that.

Obviously, I was wrong with my projection below. A lot of people -- smart people -- were wrong.

(FWIW, industrial Midwest states tripped us up here. ..Where steel mills etc. have been losing out to (global) competition for nearly 50 years; it hasn't been a secret. (I'm long-familiar with the area and its industries). I have no idea how Donald Trump is going to significantly reverse all that, without busting the U.S budget wide open, adversely isolating the U.S. economy from the world, "manufacturing" large numbers of old-time high-paying jobs out of thin air (in an era of increasing automation), etc. etc...One possibility: A large infrastructure repair/modernization/upgrade project involving the entire nation. Something Democrats have at times advocated -- only to be blocked by obstructionist Republicans..BTW: Credit to Michael Moore (off-site article link) for correctly gauging dissent and frustration in America's industrial heartland..)

A lot of us are dismayed, worried, angry -- you name it -- right now...It does matter who is elected to the U.S. presidency.
One thing that is crystal-clear is that the U.S. is a deeply divided nation. (The other is that many prominent public polls apparently were unable to accurately gauge the U.S. electorate..)

It's difficult to imagine, but maybe Donald Trump somehow will turn out basically OK as president. The entire nation -- and world -- needs to start praying for that, and doing whatever we can to better ensure it. Some important checks and balances still exist in our system of government -- I hope. We're going to need plenty of strong and smart people to watch President-elect Trump, and to stand up to him as needed.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of the upcoming Trump University fraud case. ..What becomes of the numbers of women accusing President-Elect Trump of sexual misconduct. ..What becomes of the ridiculous, expensive wall blocking all of Mexico. ...When/if world markets will recover. ...What influence over the U.S. 'admirable' Vladimir Putin will now have...What happens to U.S. efforts to mitigate burgeoning climate change. On and on..

Great forces and powers of existence: If appeal is possible, please do not forsake our country any further.


Off-site link to an article (11/8/16) from someone more eloquent (etc.) than I am: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/projects/cp/opinion/election-night-2016/the-unknown-country
(Previously posted:)11/7/16: ↓This tiny blog's presidential election prediction ('worst case'):

The created electoral map below -- based upon personal analysis of various national polls, recent trends, pertinent news stories, etc -- represents what I believe would be close to a WORST (but winning) case for Hillary Clinton.
...I.e., she loses "battlegrounds" Ohio, North Carolina and Florida -- and also Nevada. (Insert: My own guess? She does not lose all four of those..)

(Continuing:) Note that Clinton still manages to slightly exceed the 270 electoral votes required to prevail. (This scenario also assumes that 3 of Maine's 4 "split" electoral votes go to Clinton.) Also note that this analysis assumes a fair election, with no effective outside interference and no significant vote-related "shenanigans" by Trump fanatics...:

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

Please be sure to VOTE.
(Previously posted:) 2016 national election: "Both are unpopular. Only one is a threat." (Off-site 7/16 opinion article, new window opens. No affiliation:) https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/both-are-unpopular-only-one-is-a-threat/2016/07/10/4d78dce8-4529-11e6-bc99-7d269f8719b1_story.html

Monday, May 30, 2016

Reposts: 'Truthiness', the ass factor....Explaining Trump

...Even Stephen Hawking can't explain candidate Donald Trump's continued popularity.
...Oh, but then he went ahead and essentially DID explain key aspects of it...Off-site article link, new window opens, no affiliation:
(Insert/updated note: Hawking's comments about Trump were actually less alarming than the completely under-reported climate change warning he also stated in the same interview (off-site article link).)

(Continuing text:)
'Lowest common denominator' + 'truthiness' -- as explained I think quite well in the 5/12/16 article linked further below --

= the USA gets an election result that mirrors...?

Update/insert:Trump: What a disrespectful a**-h***.  (Regardless of the post date; changes nothing..) Be sure to add-in that factor, too:

(No affiliation)

...'King of truthiness': Off-site article link, new window opens, no affiliation:

P.S. Start-off by having a good hard look in your own mirror....

(YT video link. No ownership/copyright.)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Is Trump's presidential campaign itself a(nother) big fake?

Not a mind-reader here, as one commenter mentions below, but the untempered clown-campaign does make a few wonder occasionally..

A ploy? A ruse to achieve a personally-desired outcome, with no real plan beyond...?

↓Kind-of-interesting reader comments to this 5/28/16 online news article are reproduced below. (Off-site link, new window opens, no affiliation:)  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/donald-trump-millions-fundraiser-republican-national-committee-election-2016/

(No affiliation. Screen-capture source is linked.)

Monday, May 23, 2016

↓GAAAAAAHH!!!! OMG! ..No no no no no no no....

↓...nonononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono nonononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono nonononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono nonononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono... ↓nonononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono↓

(Screen captured image. No copyright, no affiliation. (Source article link below. Image is linked.))

Related 5/23/16 news article -- where it's the North Koreans who sound like the saner ones -- off-site link, new window opens:


Suggestion: 1) ↓Simple credo of guiding principles........... 2) Repeat often and sincerely; promise (your best) to make the great words LIVE again........ 3) Win presidential election

"...one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

(Source link)

'Path to victory'....?

...What a concept.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Is Trump misleading on campaign's 'self-funding'?

Many Donald Trump fanatics followers point to the billionaire's "self-funding" of his presidential campaign (thus far) as a strong point. An advantage. ...An indication (for example) that the candidate "cannot be bought", is un-beholden to donor money, is very wealthy (and thus "his own man"(?), independent, etc.)... Is an "outsider" to the standard political/campaigning process. (Etc.)

FWIW, we'll continue to monitor future developments about this key aspect of Trump's "outsider' candidacy.

Here are two recent news articles however, which call the 'self-funding' image into serious question.

↓..Just don't call him 'self-funded'. Or an "outsider".....↓

(Off-site links, new windows open, no affiliation)



(YT video link. No ownership claimed. No affiliation. ↑Some coarse language, gestures, indications... de rigueur..)

(YT video link. No ownership/affiliation)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Repost: Something nice...a break this blog needs

If not yet seen...

(Current YT video link. No affiliation, no ownership claimed. (FWIW, the incessant truck noise is nasty here.. Also BTW, I assume that the video above shows a real event, not something 'staged'. Pls. don't tell me if it's somehow the latter..)))

...But so many gotta have their: Smokes, booze, Playstations, iPhones,three dogs, Starbucks, casino trips, etc. etc., ad nauseam

"Two-thirds of Americans would have difficulty coming up with the money to cover a $1,000 emergency....": 

5/19/16 off-site news story link, new window opens. No affiliation:

(>>>If interested, check out 'Mr. Vere Askey''s "shallow dive" into: "The 'Powerball' Financial Plan?" (1/6/16 off-site link). Here's another pertinent link (no affiliation): http://247wallst.com/investing/2011/02/24/ten-things-americans-waste-the-most-money-on/)

↓Or, is it all actually closer to this guy's "financial predicament"?:

Oh wait, that's the CEO.....                 (YT video link. No affiliation.)

No matter.....'The' Mr. Donald Trump will just flap his mouth, clap his tiny-fingered hands and money will rain from the sky into your payday loan and subprime credit card accounts!

...↓Just like he will magically end all (suspected) terrorist attacks/activities WORLDWIDE the minute he is installed in the Oval Office.... (by the united (in debt) dupes of America).
Trump alone can save the world! Definitely holding him to the implication (below):↓

(Screen captured image of published 5/19/16 'tweet'. No link. No affiliation (or endorsement)):

(Off-site link to related 5/19/16 news story: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/donald-trump-reacts-to-egyptair-calls-it-a-terrorist-attack/)

Update -- Another pertinent article (to this post). No affiliation:

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Trump obviously would like a third-party candidate on the left so that he (could) try to divide the vote and win, but I think what you're going to see is unity to defeat Trump..."

Comment: Donald Trump thinks you're 'we're' an idiot... a 'mark'... or (probably) both.  Yep, that observation may become an occasional series here.

5/17/16 source of quotation, off-site link, no affiliation:

↑...Good news....Hope that it stays that way because --as most blind squirrels could predict with at least some confidence -- "third-party Bernie" more-than-possibly hands the general election to Trump*. (BTW: Third-party candidates getting names on ballots at this late date: Easier said than done..)

(*That is: ..If D. Trump doesn't make himself  (even more) 'radioactive' (to most) before November, which I still think is possible.)

Trump's Supreme ridiculousness

...His supreme court role model held racist views plus an ongoing disregard for climate science. ...He reportedly elicited 'help' for his presumptuous Supreme Court nominee list from his likely go-to 'thinkers'; the one-sided Heritage Foundation....One of his main reasons for releasing such a list now is probably an attempt to assuage the reactionaries of his political party....

But the main thing -- perhaps for far too many 'supporters' -- is that one of Donald Trump's nightmare SCOTUS 'listees' is also "great at Twitter".

↓...An outstanding example follows!

Comment: How many would want a president who says or does something, but somehow 'really doesn't mean it', or 'isn't really like that'..?

Three recent off-site articles for consideration. Links are further below. No affiliation:

The second (link below) is essentially a propaganda effort from a person I still happen to have respect for, who obviously loves her father.

FWIW: I don't doubt that Donald Trump has backed/promoted some women and may -- overall -- be fair to them in his organization... especially now. But I also do not doubt that multiple women ("dozens") interviewed for the recent NYT exposé can all (or even nearly all) be 'wrong', out for vengeance, or similar. (E.g., if a few (subsequently) dispute or recant their words, that does not invalidate the entire article (or publication)..)

...For those who can hold (at least) two competing concepts in their head at one time: We may have a person (D. Trump) who is -- or has been -- BOTH. I.e., generally fair to some women, and a sexist, demeaning boor to some women. Update: This point and others are discussed -- much more eloquently and in-depth -- in this 5/18/16 article (off-site link. no affiliation).
(Personal theory --  Trump: A person who will always take (or seize) an advantage; whether for himself, his company (e.g., hiring a good employee -- man or woman), etc. etc.)

Two excerpted quotations possibly of interest, helping to illuminate a bit:

1) From the 5/14/16 New York Times article entitled 'Crossing the Line: (etc.)' (article linked, new window opens)

...Quotation (about D. Trump) attributed to Alan Lapidus, (described as) an "influential architect":

"He is a lot more complicated than the cartoon character. The top people in his company were women, like Barbara Res. For any company to hire a woman as chief of construction was actually startling. I don’t know of a single other developer who had a woman in that position. The respect for women was always there. That’s why, in spite of the comments he makes now — and God knows why he says these things — when he was building his empire, the backbone was women."

--Alan Lapidus, architect

2) From the CBS News 5/18/16 article (off-site link, new window, no affilaition) where Ivanka Trump (among other things) responds to the NYT piece....

Here is something smart and practical she said in that article, IMO. (Below.)  FWIW, I have an MBA degree (from back in the day), and smart collaboration in management (and other business activities) was 'preached'. I believe in it from experience.

...↓An intelligent person with a bright future, if she can survive her father's current clown-show, which I believe she will:

"You know, my brothers and I early on said to one another that, as a collective, we could do far more than any of us could do individually. And I really believe that," Ivanka said. "So...for me, title is largely irrelevant. I want to show up at work and love what I do and be able to work on projects that I'm passionate about...."

--Ivanka Trump

Finally, a dead-on 5/16 commentary article concerning Donald Trump's presidential campaign thus far. (There have been a few of them, which we will occasionally repost here.):

(Off-site link, new window opens, no affiliation:)

"Trump says you shouldn't take Trump seriously"

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In case you missed it: "Nothing could have affected what occurred in Benghazi...” -- GOP's committee lawyer

Comment: ...↑Something many rational people have understood for a long time.

...Yet the partisan-sham House committee's 'fishing expedition' on Benghazi fishes on:

Off-site 5/16/16 article link (including quotation above), new window opens, no affiliation: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/democrats-benghazi-chairman-ignores-statement-by-gop-lawyer/2016/05/16/3aacb320-1b29-11e6-82c2-a7dcb313287d_story.html

(Non-commercial use)

Monday, May 16, 2016

How a top news anchor and weather guy we rely upon for severe weather forecasts present themselves online in our area:

 "Walter Cronkite" (..And random weather guy....Might as well at least have her (perhaps for temporary entertainment value).)

(Screen captured image. No link. No affiliation.)

"Fabulous ridiculousness"

(Not that any of us (could) 'control' any of it:)
FWIW, ref. below: .... I'm one person who doesn't 'mind' this form of ridiculous(-ness). "Fabulously ridiculous"....or maybe "campy ridiculousness"...

'MC' 'ain't' running for leader of the free world (yet), and she's not (usually) doing something that serious or everyday aspects of life depend upon.

Related off-site article, new window opens. No affiliation:

(YT video link. No affiliation/no website endorsement.)

...Her speaking voice (at least) really has gotten lower since the younger days...

(YT video link)

The payee's name is ROWANNE, oh worthy good fellow and perfect gentleman..

Screen-captured story excerpt image. Photo is linked to source:

A doddering ass about many many things speaks out: Rap music

(This may be an occasional series here:)

I'm old and don't get it:

ALL rap 'music' seems like what follows, to me. Plus add in slugs of Red Ball (oh; is it 'Red Bull'?) to the 'mix' and I'm thinking you've got Donald Trump's rabble (of followers).

But I do happen to like the sense of humor displayed here. FWIW though: Once-upon-a-time in the USA, most human interaction actually wasn't like this(as humorously depicted, with coarse language, of course.):

(YT video link. No ownership claimed.)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Old-timey song

(↓No ownership claimed. No affiliation.)

What's ridiculous? ...A thousand of these, 'upstairs':

(YT video link)

Repost: An ass's guide...

(Off-site link, no affiliation:)


(Non-commercial use)

UPDATED: Strange-ass fantasy: 'Vere Askey''s make-believe avatar/logo

Anyone who's stopped by here understands that this blog contains strong opinions. And that those may not always be "on the mark", unerring, faultless, etc. etc.. (Some are at least close to 'the mark' though..)

 For the (totally obscure) 'record': I don't think I was especially fair with my first blog post (5/15/16 further below), so I've reconsidered it and updated/kind-of-replaced it with the following. 

↓Most of the updated comment is probably already-evident to many. And it's pretty 'dryly'-written- stuff as produced. Just felt a need to get it out there, FWIW:

↓(Original post follows:)↓

  First post: Yep; it's an odd one -- surely to be a feature around here...

If alter-ego (...sort of) 'Vere Askey' imagined-up an 'advertising' logo or maybe an avatar for himself, here it might be (link is below):

(↓Current off-site link, new window opens. There is absolutely, positively no affiliation with that (comely beauty's) site etc. and this ridiculous blog, at all. None. OK?

(Oh by the way, it would be the image (below)↓ on the LEFT. That ain't any existing human -- anymore -- on th' right..):)


...No plans to actually illegally appropriate the image...though 'Vere's' readership would (bounce off her ass and) get ridiculous.

Closing with a repost of an imaginary, real 1979 song.... perhaps from all the online and screen beauties, to their 'fools'....:

(YT video link. No ownership or affiliation claimed.)