UPDATE: "President Donald Trump"..."Commander-in-Chief"...."ultimate authority over U.S. nuclear strike decisions"....etc. Does that alarm/distress the 'beejeezus' out of you??

...Someone sane (and in close proximity..possibly armed) better be watching that guy, 24/7.

...Some good news: From afar, we are. He needs adult supervision, and I'm up for providing a bit of that -- sort of -- right here (off-site link): https://aregularfakenewshound.tumblr.com/

2018 update: FWIW, I'm occasionally beatin'-on the unpopular 'loser' somehow elevated to the U.S. presidency, here. (I.e.,..'offering some critical commentary'..) Join me...https://donaldwontlast.blogspot.com/
1/3/18 update: This blog's general message, content (again) CONFIRMED:

"He's not only crazy, he's stupid". Source 1/3/18 article link. Update: The quotation specified is disputed (link).



...More seriously (for a moment)...Is there something wrong with Trump? Unaffiliated 1/3/18 article link: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2018/01/trump-cog-decline/548759/

10/30/17 update....(esp. for Trump trolls everywhere, awaiting new signals from the Kremlin:)

(Video:)"12-counts Manafort"... come on down:↓

YT video link. No copyright etc.

-> "Paul is a great asset and an important addition..." -- Donald Trump, 2016. (Source linked.)

->"...George Papadopoulos. He’s an oil and energy consultant. Excellent guy...." -- Donald Trump, 2016. (Source linked.)

(..New campaign song?)

YT video link. No copyright claimed or intended.

********************************************* (↓Previously posted:↓)

(YT video link. No copyright, ownership or affiliation. Temporarily left on autoplay.)

(Previously written:) 12/16 temporary post:

A suggested Donald Trump/GOP inaugural theme-song. (Ref.: The song's refrain..) No ownership or affiliation:

(YT video link)

12/16 comment: Yeah..↑this (above) ↑is no longer a "joke" (...it wasn't before the "election", either...). If bipartisan leaders and national intelligence agencies conclude Russia (or anyone) meddled with the U.S. election to the advantage of one candidate; re-do the election. Especially if that one candidate or his campaign was somehow involved.

Or, at least demand that the nation's electors do their job(s) as designed, and provide them with the necessary information to do so.

....If the U.S then -- unbelievably -- (re-)installs the Putin puppet -- this 'ain't' America anymore!


(Previously written:)

11/24/16 update: "Precedent Hillary":

The popular vote winner for president should request a recount. Why? In addition to earning the overall vote lead (...that would constitute "legitimacy"..), requesting a recount may help hold "mandate"-claiming Republicans (somewhat) in check.

Perhaps more importantly, there has been evidence of outside interference during the campaign.

...National votes should be routinely audited -- at least going forward. Set a precedent for modern elections/vote-tallying.

(Previously written:)11/9/16 commentary: Additional, updated commentary is further below. FWIW: It's little consolation (for many), but Hillary (probably) has narrowly significantly won the U.S. popular vote.....So hate and bigotry did not win-out at least with the national vote for president...Update: ((Go ahead and) 'Spin' that fact or attack it with disinformation (e.g., fake facts) any way desired (..I guess). The 'bottom line' (for many) is that the popular-vote clear loser is being elevated into power. Potentially marginalizing a majority of voters -- particularly if a 'mandate' is (also being) claimed.)

(Update: Excerpt of Sen. Harry Reid's 11/11/16 remarks re Trump's 'winning':)
“...If this is going to be a time of healing, we must first put the responsibility for healing where it belongs: at the feet of Donald Trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate..... “Winning the electoral college does not absolve Trump of the grave sins he committed against millions of Americans. Donald Trump may not possess the capacity to assuage those fears, but he owes it to this nation to try....”

(Link to source.)

11/17/16: Off-site link to a worthy article. No affiliation, new window opens: http://time.com/4575119/electoral-college-demagogues/?

Another one: http://www.courant.com/opinion/op-ed/hc-op-harris-trumps-election-bigotry-1117-20161116-column.html

Final comments here (blog is no longer being updated -- it's time to move forward. Remember: 'Question authority'..): Credit to Michael Moore for correctly gauging the "industrial heartland" vote. Blogger alter-ego 'Vere Askey' also had some hazy idea (link) (in March) about what could happen (in general)..

(11/14/16 post-election:) ↓ooohh...You were 'mad'!↓(..In more ways than one.) And scared. You know; much like a petulant, unlearned child is, of some form of change in their life.
You refuse(d) to take a hard look in the mirror first -- at yourself, i.e.; for the source of some of your problems.... ..
So now: What's the (realistic) plan?
Really. We're starting 2017...not 1957. What's the plan?
(..And: 'Who ya gonna call'? (off-site article link))

(YT video link. No ownership/affiliation.)

(↑No affiliation)
(Commentary:) 11/9/16: OK. It's gloomy here, but I believe that the sun will still rise in the east today. The world still seems to be turning -- at least for now. Those in my life still love me, need ears scratched and tummies, or something rubbed, and all that.

Obviously, I was wrong with my projection below. A lot of people -- smart people -- were wrong.

(FWIW, industrial Midwest states tripped us up here. ..Where steel mills etc. have been losing out to (global) competition for nearly 50 years; it hasn't been a secret. (I'm long-familiar with the area and its industries). I have no idea how Donald Trump is going to significantly reverse all that, without busting the U.S budget wide open, adversely isolating the U.S. economy from the world, "manufacturing" large numbers of old-time high-paying jobs out of thin air (in an era of increasing automation), etc. etc...One possibility: A large infrastructure repair/modernization/upgrade project involving the entire nation. Something Democrats have at times advocated -- only to be blocked by obstructionist Republicans..BTW: Credit to Michael Moore (off-site article link) for correctly gauging dissent and frustration in America's industrial heartland..)

A lot of us are dismayed, worried, angry -- you name it -- right now...It does matter who is elected to the U.S. presidency.
One thing that is crystal-clear is that the U.S. is a deeply divided nation. (The other is that many prominent public polls apparently were unable to accurately gauge the U.S. electorate..)

It's difficult to imagine, but maybe Donald Trump somehow will turn out basically OK as president. The entire nation -- and world -- needs to start praying for that, and doing whatever we can to better ensure it. Some important checks and balances still exist in our system of government -- I hope. We're going to need plenty of strong and smart people to watch President-elect Trump, and to stand up to him as needed.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of the upcoming Trump University fraud case. ..What becomes of the numbers of women accusing President-Elect Trump of sexual misconduct. ..What becomes of the ridiculous, expensive wall blocking all of Mexico. ...When/if world markets will recover. ...What influence over the U.S. 'admirable' Vladimir Putin will now have...What happens to U.S. efforts to mitigate burgeoning climate change. On and on..

Great forces and powers of existence: If appeal is possible, please do not forsake our country any further.


Off-site link to an article (11/8/16) from someone more eloquent (etc.) than I am: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/projects/cp/opinion/election-night-2016/the-unknown-country
(Previously posted:)11/7/16: ↓This tiny blog's presidential election prediction ('worst case'):

The created electoral map below -- based upon personal analysis of various national polls, recent trends, pertinent news stories, etc -- represents what I believe would be close to a WORST (but winning) case for Hillary Clinton.
...I.e., she loses "battlegrounds" Ohio, North Carolina and Florida -- and also Nevada. (Insert: My own guess? She does not lose all four of those..)

(Continuing:) Note that Clinton still manages to slightly exceed the 270 electoral votes required to prevail. (This scenario also assumes that 3 of Maine's 4 "split" electoral votes go to Clinton.) Also note that this analysis assumes a fair election, with no effective outside interference and no significant vote-related "shenanigans" by Trump fanatics...:

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

Please be sure to VOTE.
(Previously posted:) 2016 national election: "Both are unpopular. Only one is a threat." (Off-site 7/16 opinion article, new window opens. No affiliation:) https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/both-are-unpopular-only-one-is-a-threat/2016/07/10/4d78dce8-4529-11e6-bc99-7d269f8719b1_story.html

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Respect: (Gold Star parents, the Khans.) Post updated.

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

(Originally written 7/28/16:) A (likely-)scripted... (Update: Maybe not...(off-site article link)) ...moment better than anything offered at the Republican gathering. (Though Melania's ripped-off speech was up there.) We'll see if Trump or the GOP (mindlessly) attempts to impugn this man, and/or if  D. Trump hastily thumbs through a section or two of the U.S. Constitution (belatedly) and passes that off as knowledge (via Twitter), for his dupes..... 
Update -- Bad temperament: ↓This volatile, thin-skinned bully cannot handle criticism or dissent. Off-site article links, new windows open: 

7/31/16 update/comment: As wondered-aloud above, we now know that candidate Trump has in fact "gone after" the Khans, to the disgust of many.  
>>>.. How much more will be tolerated from this "black soul"? <<<

Plus, a question of increasing significance: How does (or how will) the country respond to a major-party, top-ticket candidate who refuses to seriously address policy and governing issues? Choosing instead to spew-out insults via (social) media, launch rambling tiradesetc., à la the epic wing-nut on the right in theimage below:
(Image is linked to source)
(P.S. Echoes of Palin-Katie Couric right here (off-site link, new window))

(Continuing:) I'm not generally a supporter, ↓but as John Kasich noted:

GOP leadership -- and all Americans -- must repudiate this offensive Trump response. Failure to clearly denounce is to basically agree, and to support Trump's unworthy attack. (An abject, sincere apology to the Khans (for starters) from Donald Trump is necessary....  Which of course is highly unlikely..)

 “I’d like to say to Mr. and Mrs. Khan: thank you for immigrating to America. We’re a better country because of you. And you are certainly right; your son was the best of America, and the memory of his sacrifice will make us a better nation — and he will never be forgotten.”

-- Senator John McCain, attributed, off-site 8/1/16 article link

(Previously written:) P.S. Acknowledging that -- one way or another -- he accumulated great wealth. But is this how ↓Donald Trump "sacrificed"?

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

...More great "sacrifices".... (off-site link): http://www.mediaite.com/online/trumpsacrifices-blows-up-on-twitter-over-what-trumps-comment-about-what-hes-sacrificed/

Briefly imagining 'Mr. Sarcasm' Donald Trump, as Jokester-in-Chief

"Of course I'm being sarcastic..."
-- Candidate for President of the United States  Donald Trump, after publicly encouraging Russians (..."intelligence" agencies?) to track down (or 'hack') Hillary Clinton's deleted emails.

A definition of 'sarcasm':

the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say especially in order to insult someone, to show irritation, or to be funny
("Sarcasm." Merriam-Webster.com. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 28 July 2016.)

..."He was joking around. If he tells you I'm joking, you take him at his word." -- Attributed to Trump cheerleader Rudy Giuliani.


So, we have a candidate for the highest elected office in the land who -- without offering sufficient elaboration or context -- apparently enjoys popping-off the 'sarcasm'. No matter how irresponsible.

Who knows? When (political) reality means that nightmare-future-President Trump cannot fulfill the myriad of far-fetched "promises"↓  (..by himself)......Might it all be excused  - by him - as just "being sarcastic"?

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

A couple quick, imagined scenarios involving the oh-so-sarcastic 'comedian-in-chief Trump':

'President Sarcasm', via the secure computer-link 'hotline': "Vladimir, you knucklehead! 
...I hope we're able to find the 30,000 Russians that have gone missing in recent years under your regime. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by your corrupt oligarchs."
"Vladimir Putin": *transmission terminated*
(....A few moments later, ↓patched-in to the Oval Office:)

(Edited YT video link. No ownership.)

'President Sarcasm', via Korean emissary Dennis Rodman: "Chairman Kim, you loser! 
...I hope we're able to find the 30,000 North Koreans that have gone missing in recent weeks under your regime. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by your sycophants."
"Kim Jong-un": *emissary terminated*
(....A few moments later, ↓patched-in to what's left of the Oval Office:)

(YT video link. No ownership/affiliation.)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Imagined: Mainstream media dares to ask Donald Trump a climate change question


That question isn't often posed (currently) -- even though a recent, prominent U.S. opinion poll indicates growing concern about the problem.  So let's imagine part of a Q&A:

Candidate "Donald Trump" (..finishing rambling diatribe):".....Putin likes me."
Mainstream media's "Wesley Thrall": "Sir, if we can get on to another topic...."
'D. Trump' (interrupting): "...America will be great again, Wesley, and NATO better think about fulfilling their obligations to us!"
'Thrall': "Mr. Trump...."
'D.Trump': (continuing): "Excuse me!....And when South Korea and other countries all have their own nuclear weapons we won't have to worry about supporting them so much either!"
'Thrall': "I have a different question for you Mr......."
'D. Trump' (interrupting again): "Excuse me Wesley!....Don't miss my huge guest-starring cameo on "WWE Battlefield". It's great!"

(No affiliation)
'Thrall': "Mr. TRUMP! Please. Let's get on with the interview that you agreed to do with this network! 
Now sir: Recent public opinion polls indicate increasing concern among Americans about climate change and its effects, sometimes referred to as 'global warming'. Global temperature data shows the hottest years have all occurred since 1998.  Both you and Mr. Pence are on record as, one way or another, doubting - if not outright dismissing - the issue of climate change and the science supporting....."
'D. Trump' (interrupting): "It's all Hillary's hot air..."
'Thrall': "Sir. if you'll let me finish the question..."
'D. Trump' (interrupting): "Excuse me! Mike Pence is a great choice who is going to help me "Make America Great Again!""
'Thrall': "That wasn't the q....."
'D. Trump': "Look...: Coal is from America. Coal-miners are Americans. Fracking is American. Frackers are American. We've got to Make America Great Again! I don't see the problem here....
'Thrall': "Carbon dioxide emissions from coal combustion represented 24.5 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2012... It has the highest carbon content of any fuel..."
'D. Trump' (interrupting): "What about China? Don't they burn a lot of coal?"
'Thrall': "...And how as a world leader would you go about addressing that aspect of the issue, sir?"
'D. Trump' (ignoring): "Regulations that shut down hundreds of coal-fired power plants and block the construction of new ones — how stupid is that?” I'll rescind all of them!"
'Thrall': "Sir, the U.S. president doesn't currently have legal authority to do that...."
'D. Trump': "When I get very dumb, embarrassing Ginsburg off the Court, I will!"
'Thrall': "But the president doesn't..." 
'D. Trump': "...And Obama's Paris Agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over how much energy we use on our land, in our country. No way."
'Thrall' (exasperated): "The Paris Agreement is comprised of voluntary pledges by countries....".
'D. Trump' (interrupting): "It's cancelled when I'm president! I alone can fix it! Nobody knows the system better than me.  We’re going to bring back the coal industry, save the coal industry. I love those people.
'Thrall' (slumping in chair): "How, Mr. Trump...Exactly how will you alone do these things? 
....We have to break now for a message, ↓brought to you by America's coal industry:"

(YT video link. No affiliation. No ownership. No endorsement expressed or implied.)

P.S. Upcoming televised presidential debate planners and 'moderators': Please, no brow-beating interruptions of other, participating candidates tolerated. (Or the moderators.) None. Halt the 'debate'. Publicly admonish the offending party. Enforce time limits. ...Send them off for a 'timeout'....whatever. Etc.
... And, if necessary: No studio audience of rabid, shouting 'supporters', turning the debate into a grandstanding spectacle. Please, let the rest of us hear the candidates - by themselves -  speak to the issues. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Alternate reality: Double-down on guff, bunk and nonsense to concoct and sell "truthiness"


A "truthiness" definition:  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=truthiness

Making facts irrelevant: Today's alternate-universe Trump campaign (partial) example (off-site story link, new window opens, no affiliation):

(Another view of the July GOP convention speech. Off-site article link:

...Suggested insight as to why the future would-be president of the United States keeps pulling 'b.s.' like that↑ (and this). (Off-site article link, new window opens, no affiliation:)


....Oh. Here's an interesting, unambiguous song. Absolutely no affiliation, association, approval, agreement etc. with this tiny blog, whatsoever:

(YT video link)

(Off-site link:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiAR8I8wRmk

Saturday, July 23, 2016

He's nominated for U.S. president/Commander-in-Chief: Observation, monitoring, coverage now required.


(No affiliation)

(YT video link. No ownership.)

...'Buffoon' definition: (off-site link, new window opens)


'Buffoon', alternate description. (Off-site 7/14/16 news article link, new window opens, no affiliation:)


Thursday, July 21, 2016

The U.S is a nation of immigrants/#NotMyVoice

(Temporary post. Commentary:)

(Off-site links:) Bigot, xenophobe, sexistseething, thuggishclimate science denier, economic statistics-distorter privileged one-percenter, public-company-pillager, fear-mongerer (..etc.)...Donald Trump
(If Mr. Trump is somehow your 'voice', in essence you support the above, as well....
...The Fear and Hate GOP 'ticket'. (Fear and Loathing...: Already taken...))

Update: Oh, BTW. ↓A key Trump supporter:

(No affiliation)


...When we hear the GOP's nominee for president  -- a descendant of immigrants himself-- rant about U.S immigrants and unauthorized immigrants, about building an infeasible, very expensive wall, etc.; please take a minute to reflect upon the following:

Per 2014 statistics, immigrants comprise slightly over 13% of the U.S population. About 42.4 million people (at the time). The U.S. is a country so large and populous that 42 million people represents only about 13% of the total population. (2014)

Unauthorized ("illegal") immigrants (- a group/issue that must be managed, few doubt -) have reportedly stabilized at around 11 to 11.5 million individuals, according to the following three sources. (Via a quick search I have not found more recent statistics from what I consider to be reliable sources.)

11.5 (million, I used the 2011 slightly-higher reported number) divided by approx. 314 (million, roughly the U.S population in 2012) equals about 3.7% of the U.S. total population at that time.
Hardly an "overwhelming" number, esp. in terms of percentage.
Insert: The Pew Research link below reports the 2014 number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. at about 11.3 million...I.e., the total did not increase; may have actually slightly decreased..(11.3 (million) divided by (approx.) 318 (million) = 3.6%

(Off-site links to three sources, no affiliation, new windows open:)




(YT video link. No ownership.)

(YT full video link. No ownership.)

  P.S.  "The Party of Fear": Why are U.S. Republicans so afraid...? One somewhat-related off-site article link, new window opens:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Did John Kasich potentially save the republic?


(8/7/16 update: Temporarily re-featuring this post, as John Kasich has now confirmed the New York Times story linked below.)
...(Previously written, 7/20/16:)

....from a Trump presidency?  

A New York Times Magazine article describes how Kasich was -- at one time -- viewed by some in the Trump campaign  as "the perfect (Vice-President) choice". Off-site link to the story follows, new window opens, no affiliation:


....He (reportedly) declined Donald Trump Jr.'s offer to be "....the most powerful vice president in history...." 

Kasich reportedly would have been "...in charge of both domestic and foreign policy".

(More to come here about this story.....E.g., Why might Kasich have turned down such an opportunity? A guess: Maybe he didn't believe the proposed power-sharing arrangement would actually exist (or develop) in such a manner. Or would quickly unravel..)

>>>Trump-Kasich might have been tough(er) for Hillary to defeat. Kasich reportedly polled well (head-to-head) versus H. Clinton earlier in 2016.

(Related note: Some question how much a V.P. choice really matters.)

Mike Pence? Not governor of a major 'battleground' state, for starters.....

Oh BTW: In the "powerful" de facto Kasich regime, what would 'President' Donald Trump have been in charge of??
....(Reportedly:) "Making America great again."

 (YT video link. No affiliation.)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Honesty and integrity: Our nation's shining examples, future President Faker and First Lady Fraud


(No affiliation with Twitter poster. Source article link, new window opens.)

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

 More: (Off-site 7/19/16 articles, new window opens, no affiliation)


Updated story link: An investigative article about the creation of the partly-plagiarized speech. (....Raises questions and concerns beyond Ms. Trump's (yeah..it was apparently mostly hers) improperly vetted speech.) Off-site link , new window opens, no affiliation:

...What was that said by Justice Ginsburg a little while back? Something about someone being a 'faker'? (Off-site story link, new window opens, no affiliation):

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

Suggested insert for card/teleprompter, Melania's next speech: 
"My husband is an unprincipled demagogue and a volatile threat to our nation. I wholeheartedly endorse the Democratic nominee as our next president."
...As she apparently will read anything put in front of her without much thought.... or vetting.

(YT video link. No ownership/affiliation.)

P.S. Yeah...Per the article link above, "Ms. Thong-plus-gun" (link) 'ain't' educated enough (at least) to "plan" this↓:

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Repost: '..Old white men...sitting on gold thrones...'

(No affiliation)

P.S. Paul Ryan being himself: An ass.↓ 
Consummate sell-out. Yet more proof:

(No affiliation)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

'An attack on liberty...'

"...by fanatics who despise(d) human rights"...

..Standing again with French citizens in Nice and everywhere. Those who cherish "liberté, égalité, fraternité" shall ultimately prevail.


BTW,FWIW: Pray some for the United States, if you would.... Off-site 7/14/16 news article link:

7/14/16: R. B. Ginsburg's right rights a perceived 'right'


7/14/16 breaking: Ruth Bader Ginsburg does the right thing today:

(Unaffiliated news story excerpt, linked to source:)

"On reflection, my recent remarks in response to press inquiries were ill-advised and I regret making them," Ginsburg said in a statement. "Judges should avoid commenting on a candidate for public office. In the future I will be more circumspect."

Supreme Court justices should not publicly insert themselves and their political opinions as she did. It was an uncomfortable action for many, and might establish a concerning precedent.
...Here's an interesting case though, that her action was not the "end-of-the world" breach that some characterize it as. It's worth a look. Off-site 7/13/16 article, new window opens. No affiliation: https://newrepublic.com/article/135062/ruth-bader-ginsburg-thinking-heres-what

IMO (...I am speculating), I happen to believe that Justice Ginsburg is very concerned about perceived dangers of a Donald Trump presidency. So much so that she took the extraordinary step of speaking publicly about that. (I.e., she may have thought it was the 'right' - and necessary - thing to do.) To more than a few -- but certainly not all -- her brief criticisms seem accurate, and resonate with those who share her concern.

Nonetheless, it happens that I don't believe such concern justifies her action. I am pleased that she has now publicly expressed regret. 
...But I also remain pleased that a prominent person has brought the word "faker" (as a characterization, in addition to her other succinct observations) into the public conversation. (At least briefly.)  With the Commander-in-Chief U.S. president's office on the line, her comments need to be considered by all.

Yeah, it's funny. Image is linked to source. No affiliation.:

However -- once again -- the latest instance of prominent person's criticism provokes a volatile/ visceral response↓ ....from a presidential job-seeker many have concerns about.
...How might he react when the leader of China or Russia criticizes him/his administration?:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

America's madness


Recent unaffiliated news article links. New windows open:

(Non-commercial use of image)

...This is what the founding fathers intended?? (Off-site story link.) In a huge nation of 320 million? Seems doubtful. A strange perversion of the 1791 amendment's original intent.

A reality check (on part of the ongoing madness): As has been pointed out many times: Those justifying arming themselves to the teeth to "protect themselves/their ' citizen rights' against "the gub-munt" (government)":
...It's 2016. Though it's shown no inclination, if it became absolutely necessary, the U.S. and its armed forces (-- modern air power, cruise missiles, night-fighting capabilities, tanks, etc. etc. etc.......remember? --) could brush aside any AR-15-armed, rag-tag insurrection(s). Quickly....

(Insert: Increasingly, local police are capable as well. Off-site article link, new window opens: http://www.newsweek.com/how-americas-police-became-army-1033-program-264537)

Ultimately: A (dangerously) ridiculous "reason" to amass a small (individual) arsenal of arms and/or military-grade weapons.
In reality: ...Nothing more than a 'wacked-out' threat (<<-- Dallas killings-related link --) to those living with or around you...(and to your police agency). Doesn't make anyone any more of a 'man', either. (The opposite..)  (BTW: Take note, trespassing 'Pokeman' players....)

OH: ...And what are the real odds that an ISIS fanatic-'cell' is' comin'-up your hick road or suburban street.... anytime in your lifetime? (Highly unlikely they'd attack in that manner....)
Please: Get A GRIP.

("..Paranoia strikes deep....It starts when you're always afraid...." YT video link. No affiliation/ownership.)

Monday, July 11, 2016

So comparatively tame, humorous, entertaining, respectful...clean....understandable...no hate...:

(Temporary post:)

....costuming, storyboard, production values, acting, musicianship, a bit of choreography...

Take me back to this↓.  ('Lame' to you, or not.):

(YT video link. No ownership claimed.)↓↓

Update: Chubby still at it...You know: Like, YESTERDAY, 7/10/2016:

(YT video link)

Friday, July 8, 2016

The U.S. must unite against violence of all forms (updated)

(Comment. I'm speaking of all nefarious forms of  violence. (Last-resort self-defense might be one 'exception'.):)

"... (A) vicious, despicable, calculated attack on law enforcement..." 7/7/16 Dallas attack on police.

Add 'cowardly'.

"There's no contradiction between supporting law enforcement and working to see that biases in the justice system are rooted out..." (Link to source)

Update: Guns. guns and more guns. More details will emerge....But in the populous U.S.A. we make it ridiculously easy for evil/'unhinged' people to be armed. In a country of 319+ million,  there will always be evil or unhinged individuals:

Totally off-the-cuff exercise: Multiply 200,000,000 (200 million people) by 1% of 1%.

I.e., for non-scientific argument sake, let's guess that on any given day in the U.S.A. there might be one percent of one percent of (a rough guess at) the age-eighteen-and-over population (we'll say 200 million) who might want to hurt others. For this quick exercise, that's 200,000,000 X 0.0001. (I.e., 0.01 X 0.01 = 0.0001.)  So, 200 million times 1% of 1% is: 200,000,000 X 0.0001 = 20,000.

Twenty thousand people (theoretically) on any day who may be a danger to others???  And a percentage of them have access to guns?? OK, maybe that's too high of a guess...or too scary of one. For off-the-cuff argument's sake, move the decimal out two more places:
  200,000,000 X 0.000001 = 200.

In this made-up but not implausible exercise that's possibly 200 people in the large, populous U.S.A. at least theoretically ("statistically") capable of malice or mayhem on a given day. This (in general, via more rigorous statistical modeling and analysis, of course) is how we should currently be thinking about guns and gun violence in this country. 

We allow 'evil' to be armed.

..How would YOU feel??↓ Always remember: Police officers were moving toward the shots/shooter...(Potentially disturbing video:)

(No affiliation with poster.... other than I'm a human who would have been scared too.)

[Insert: BTW: It completely corresponds with Trump campaign demagoguery, crassness,  and shallowness that they allegedly tried to get a police dept. photo-op out of this tragedy: Off-site 7/8/16 article link:

 7/9/16 insert -- Briefly, something else to ponder: 

Details about the deadly Dallas police ambush are still coming out at this point. Apparently however, the now-known-to-be lone perpetrator was an (...likely-trained ...reportedly a 'sniper'  Update: I'm unable to verify the 'sniper' report..)... Army reservist, armed with an AR-15 military-style rifle, and had (at least) a protective vest. Plus, it's clear that he "had a plan", in advance. (7/9/16 note: I've been unable to definitively confirm the exact type of weapon(s) used, at this point..)

Also, FWIW: Reportedly, there also were around 20 people in the (civilian) protest crowd "...carrying rifles and wearing protective equipment".

Doesn't this tragedy beg a question? (Several, actually.) One (trained) guy with an AR-15 (or similar, at least), armor, a plan, and the element of surprise.... was able to kill and maim a number of armed and trained police officers..... (In the initial confusion, it was (even) thought there was more than one gun-killer involved..)

....Isn't one of the NRA/gun-nut "arguments"  -- essentially -- to allow almost-everyone to be armed with a gun? That armed civilians would be able to "stop the carnage", i.e,; shoot and "take out" the killer(s)? E.g., "good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns", etc.

Even the armed and trained Dallas police could not accomplish that (i.e., stop a killer armed with modern weaponry and an advance plan), during the initial, chaotic situation. (They did kill him hours later, after heavy losses..)
 ...Some actually "expect" amateur-civilians (often with little pertinent training) to be able to successfully intervene under similar circumstances??? (There were "twenty" (or so) of those there (in Dallas), 'dudes'..)
...Trained, armed police could not initially locate or stop a heavily-armed killer with instruction and a plan. Think about it...

(Exaggerated illustration↓, from fiction. For illustrative purposes only, not glorification (i.e., pretty much like the movie(s) did), or direct comparison.:)

(YT video link. No ownership. Language warning.)

 "We have an incredible warrior class in this country - people in law enforcement, intelligence - and I thank God every night we have them standing fast to protect us from the tremendous amount of evil that exists in the world."
-- Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/b/brad_thor.html

"If we are to keep democracy, there must be a commandment: Thou shalt not ration justice."
--Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/l/learned_hand.html

Thursday, July 7, 2016

...Took a nap, I feel less cranky now. Plus: VH1's 'Barely Famous'

A previous post here (link) made me fall asleep on myself for awhile. 

FWIW: Conclusion(s) to that post:

"The train has left the station." "Pandora's Box is open." "There's no turning back." "It's just going to expand, degrade, and get worse."
...Doesn't mean everyone has to accept the lewdness, vulgarity, rudeness etc. in American life. But it seems to be getting more difficult to avoid, rise above it, and/or "just switch the channel".

Ref.: Instagram video below, etc. (No affiliation. Commentary. Despite the blog's title... don't mind having my mind on this↓ a little):

...Speaking of "trains leaving", etc. (that was bandied-about near the program's end, linked video). As a fan I'm happy that the two women et al are receiving positive fan and media notice for "Barely Famous". (Now playing Season 2.)....(BTW. if you enjoy(ed) "Curb Your Enthusiasm" there are some similarities with this program, how it's produced, etc.. (E.g. (reportedly): Script outlines with improv. utilized.))

If not seen: ↓A little video promo that captures more than you might think about the highly-watchable Foster sisters, their characters, and their TV show. (FWIW -- if it might matter: Some heterosexual men find them attractive...)

Short but clever. Presented humorously-fetchingly. The sisters are better actors ( - I think particularly Sara (perhaps obviously..), the scuffling, striving actress-character -) ...than they pretend not-to-be. (No association with this blog. DUH:)

Fan talk: I think the sisters (i.e., their characters) are at their BEST when one or both play-off  "real people"-types. One example.↓ Done well by all...and hilarious:

(YT video link. No affiliation.)

More: I'm a little short on pertinent clips right now, but watch Sara's assistant 'Abby' (I think that's her) as portrayed in the second clip, link below. The sisters' assistants, managers, agents, etc. are always well-done; pithy little vignettes. (They're) Almost brief , tiny 'shows-within-a-show'...Some are written/portrayed as solid, smart professionals.

Another linked clip example: Sara's toady, "mogul-maker" brand-manager-dude, (this season's) Episode 2: http://www.vh1.com/video-clips/fy3mcl/barely-famous-sara-becomes-the-new-face-of-menopause  

YT video link (first descr. above). Note - Some may find the (adult) subject-matter controversial:

...Oh yeah, BTW: 'Barely Famous' curses, giggles about sex and gets raunchy a little.....(etc.)
*SIGH*. "Everyone (especially on cable and late-night) does it now." (And more..) 
...Don't make it right...
But, whatever, I guess.  For the moment..

'Truthiness' and worse: Shifty, con-man Trump...being what he is. Again.

(Commentary. This is a separate 7/7/16 post:) 

Notice this? ...News-related articles even from long-established, 'straight', conventional sources appear to be sure to include (rational) counterpoints to Donald Trump's partial-truths, gloss-overs, convenient omissions, 'double-downs'....and just plain lies.

Via the following reposted news article link:
The only items that any need to know who care about reality -- and some semblance of actual truth --  are excerpted below. Off-site 7/6/16 article, new window opens, no affiliation:  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/donald-trump-doubles-down-on-star-of-david-tweet/

Obviousness: The story parts↓ that (essentially) are not Trump/Trump campaign 'crap'. Highlighted excerpts (linked to source). (Per the article, Scavino is Trump's "social media manager".)(God save us..):

"...The image originally appeared on Twitter from a user who also posted other anti-Semitic images and anti-Clinton graphics. Scavino, in his own statement, admitted that he copied the image from this user without attribution, but vigorously denied charges of anti-Semitism.Neither Trump nor Scavino addressed the fact that the image was also featured on white supremacist message board postings...."


"...Trump didn't mention that his campaign team reposted the image - and tried to cover up what Trump called "just a star." He also didn't mention that (sic) why his social media team acted over his objections in removing the tweet...."

Who is buying-into all the (incessant) Trump garbage??  The answer to that rhetorical question may be the really scary aspect...
Another question to ponder: Why would Donald Trump bring the star-ad controversy back to the fore again at all, with Hillary FBI-investigation-fallout 'served on a plate'? 

Donald Trump, the demagogue. WYSIWYG: What we're all seeing is what we're all going to get, if the unthinkable happens in November. No way that's 'gonna fly'...

Source article that includes video (multiple videos): https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/paloma/the-daily-trail/2016/07/06/the-daily-trail-we-may-have-just-gotten-a-trump-convention-preview/577d98a7981b92a22d5ef975/

Sunday, July 3, 2016

In all its glory: The United States of [bleep] and [blankety-blank] @!@$#*!

7/16: BREAKING 'NEWS' BULLETIN: Scroll down for MORE!

(Previously written text:)

(Commentary. Note: Yes, at my age -- one way or another -- I've heard 'em all before....I also fully realize that mine is an increasingly lonely voice about this:)

Obscene (partial definition is linked to source): 1) offensive to morality or decency; indecent; depraved 
Vulgar (partial def. is linked to source): 3) crude; coarse; unrefined

James 3:9-12: "....With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God's likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water...."  (-- Off-site source link. More: Link)

(Parental guidance is suggested below↓. Post is intended for adults:)

(YT video link. (It's a parody, I think.) No affiliation, ownership or endorsement asserted.)

...↓How to instantly lose one (former) fan's respect↓...for whatever that is worth.

=  Nuthin', today. E.g.; Around 8,000 'likes', and counting. It's sorry: So proud of each dirtbag's word unleashed ...and (effectively) broadcast nationwide worldwide...) 

Let's pander right down to the lowest common denominator (..that we're able to) by broadcasting ridiculous celebrity cursing "contests"!
...Now that's entertainment....:

(YT video link. No ownership etc., as stated above)

(Insert: ...↓Oh, but it is↓.....When you broadcast s**t like this↑ over widely-seen, widely-available (network) TV. (P.S. An almost-justifiable usage of profanity, previous sentence.):)



...Hepburn and Garbo never needed to do this↓ (incl. at their Oscars). (...Pull s**t like 'dis, in swear-speak.. Also: Garbo...if she had appeared..)
..Notice that neither do (..for example..) any of the Sound Mixing winners..in history. (So far.) (Language caution:)

(YT video link)

None of this is 'new', of course. Here's a brief, reposted opinion piece from a couple of years back about the "f-word", by a person who seems quite enamored with it:


...And for those who want to go back a bit, find "Tom Wolfe's New Book of Etiquette", from the 'New Journalism' writer's The Pump House Gang collection. (Note: I think that's the specific piece I'm remembering. Couldn't find a free link online, though I didn't look that hard...)

...Of course it can be hilarious at times, e.g; in exaggeration. But that's not really the overriding point (dudes). (I.e.; Note the general type and level of humor. It's described by 'Sheila Broflovski' (Kyle's mom), video link below..) 
Exaggerated bad language etc. follows, by cartoon little kids... but not for little kids: 

YT video link. (6.6+ million views, BTW....Ergo: Case closed, for those sinking down and down to the l.c.d.)  Follow it at your own discretion and I'm assuming that various parental controls are 'ON'. 

...Random comment on YouTube↓...succinct and helps this rambling post start getting to the main point. (No affiliation/blog endorsement.) Linked to source. Note: It's admittedly somewhat out-of-context, but still "on-message", as expropriated for this post:

"Frankly, it's boring. I don't use any myself, but I laugh at anybody trying to be "hardcore" just with cussing. All it does is show a lack of class!" 

Nope: Don't dismiss me as one of these↓ (fictional-) types. It's not what I'm advocating. (Two imaginary bad-language-citations are below:)

(YT video link. No affiliation/ownership.)

Battles for decency continue to be lost. Battles for civility continue to be lost, probably on a daily basis........................blah blah

7/16: We interrupt this important rant (from a reasonably sane person...) ..for must-see BREAKING 'NEWS' UPDATES and clickbait BULLETINS!!!!!!

"Bizarre Clouds Over CERN Large Hadron Conductor Prove Inter-dimensional Portals Are Opening"!!!! (Linked to one "news" report. New portal opens. No affiliation.)

↓Related, doctored, selectively-edited video!↓ (No affiliation or endorsement!)

(YT video link)
[Reasonably-sane blogger insert: I'm a weather guy. ↑That's a thunderstorm (cloud)...]

"Kourtney Khardashian bares her booty...."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Off-site source linked)

"Ben and Jennifer spend Fourth of July with their kids...."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Why have celebrities become so vulgar...????" (Off-site link, no affiliation)


So what was I saying before here again...? Oh yeah: Vulgar, profane, obscene America, especially as portrayed or mimicked by broadcast 'entertainers', and.................